Ambassador Academy

From the Desk of Chris Luck:

Dear Alphapreneur Ambassador,

Thank you for spreading the word about Alphapreneur and helping millions of entrepreneurs around the world!

Below, you will find step-by-step training I've personally created for you that will show you exactly how you can start making an extra $1,320 – $158,400+ (and more!) in passive income by just spreading the word about Alphapreneur by sharing our YouTube videos with your friends and followers.

You don't need any special skills, existing experience or even a following online to make significant income spreading the word because I'm going to give you everything you need to succeed!

You are in control of how much you make. There is no limit!

You will earn $44 per month for every person you refer to Alphapreneur.

I recommend starting off with focusing on referring just 1 person per day to Alphapreneur for the next 30 days.

If you refer just 1 person per day, you will make extra $1,320 per month in passive income by simply sharing our YouTube Videos!

From there, your bank account balance will then continue to grow exponentially due to the power of compounding.

In fact, here is a chart showing exactly how much money you will make if you follow the step-by-step coaching that's available to you on this page.

Ready to start getting paid to help others and make an impact on the world?  Simply follow the steps and watch the videos below to see exactly what to do.


Before you can start making money, you need to setup an account with a place called Clickbank. This is who we use for payment processing and also where you will be able to track your progress and get paid!   

Pro tip : Write down your "Clickbank Nickname" once you've created your account.   You will be using this all the time.

👇 Watch the video to see how to (properly) setup your payment account.


Understanding how to get your very own private links to our daily content that you can share with your friends and followers is crucial to your success.   

Pro tip : Never share a link unless it has your Clickbank Nickname attached to the end of it using the format: ?a=YOURNICKNAME

👇 Watch the video to understand how to get your daily links.


Creating a calendar will keep you on track and never slack with staying consistent with getting more signups and making more money.

Pro tip : Set your events up so that they repeat every day so that you will build more momentum each and every day.

👇 Watch the video to understand how to create your calendar.


LinkedIn is (by far) the best place to share our content and get signups. The users are our perfect demographic for Alphapreneur, and they are already a part of a social network (so they understand the value).

Pro tip : Share our full URLs and let LinkedIn pull in the preview that will have a high quality and classy image that will get attention.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on LinkedIn


Facebook is a fantastic place share our content and get signups. It’s where most of humanity goes these days (unfortunately) so you might as well be in-front of everyone!

Pro tip : Be genuine and thoughtful with the content that you share. Don’t come across as spammy or pushy.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on Facebook.


Instagram is a great place to share our content and get signups if you’re someone who likes to be very visual and creative. However, keep in mind that the URL in each post you publish will not be hyperlinked.

Pro tip : Make sure you are very clear in your post descriptions that they need to copy and paste the link to get to the content.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on Instagram.


Twitter is a terrific platform to share our content and get signups. Most of the entrepreneurs you will be attracting will appreciate a new place (such as Alphapreneur) to check out. Especially those in the startup world.

Pro tip : Twitter is like a firehose. It’s super fast paced, so be sure to take your time to find animated GIFs that really stand out.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on Twitter.


Pinterest is a perfect platform to share our content and get signups. Like Instagram, it’s very visual. So be sure to take the time to find the perfect pictures, videos, and animated GIFs that really pop.

Pro tip : 71% of the users on Pinterest are Female. So make sure you keep that in mind when looking for the perfect visuals to post.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on Pinterest.


Quora is a fascinating platform to share our content and get signups. Over 500 million people visit it each month to get help. We live in an incredible time where you can now get paid to genuinely get paid to help people.

Pro tip : Always remember that Quora will not give you an instant surge of signups. It’s a long term approach that will pay off big.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest posting on Quora.


Email is the king of all platforms to share our content and get signups. It’s the most personal, direct, and you are in complete control of who gets to see what it is that you have to share. Don’t pass up this step.

Pro tip : Write each email you send as if you’re sending it to a close friend. Keep it short, simple, and ask what they think.

👇 Watch the video to see how we suggest using email.

That's all for now!  I'm constantly testing new ways to get people into Alphapreneur on a daily basis.  After all, this is my baby!

As I discover new things that work incredibly well, I'll record new videos and put them up in here for you on this page for you.

I'll send you a personal email to the email address you put in to sign up for the Ambassador Academy to let you know when a new video has been added.

Thank you so much helping millions of entrepreneurs around the world by spreading the word about Alphapreneur.

See you soon,

Chris Luck
Founder of Alphapreneur

The Fine Print

By Promoting Alphapreneur You Must Agree to The Following Terms

  • You will not engage in any negative marketing. This means no marketing in which you use negative words in order to get attention then promote the product with your affiliate link.
  • ​Ambassadors are not permitted to use search engine PPC or other keyword based advertising targeting "Alphapreneur" as a primary or secondary keyword.
  • You need to add a disclaimer stating “Alphapreneur does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by [___], an independent ambassador.”
  • In no way may you copy our page content such as our videos, posts, emails, or images in an effort to imitate Alphapreneur on your own site.
  • ​​You are not allowed to purchase the product under your own Ambassador link.
  • Ambassdor sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions.